Thursday, 19 November 2009


i ridiculously took a vow - from now on, the only money i take out from my bank account is only to pay off my car n the minimal necessities to survive on monthly basis...

but if i dont religiously keep it, what consequences do i get other than not getting what i want by having the vow in the first place.

what caused this inspiration is that i miss someone terribly... even just the thought of it makes me almost want to cry. but i had to be strong... because i dont know if it's worth it... besides, i have to be in my right mind to be productive at work.

never have i expressed any sort of (rather) intimate feeling for someone... well, my next vow is that this will be my first and my last... for which, i hope n pray that all goes well and there's a better tomorrow for us... even if we had to part ways :)

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