Friday, 15 May 2009

May Mayhem!

most of my family members are born in may. I was born on the 2nd, my late granpa was on th 7th, my older sis on 12th and my aunt on 16th. usually, we would just pick any date in may and celebrate all those who was born in the month of may.

and now, there is a new addition to the family and the may mayhem - a baby boy was born on may 14th.

he is named amer zafran bin furhan.

amer felt like a stranger that fell onto our laps :P maybe because he was the third grandchild. we were all used to the commotion of the labour day. but it wasn't only just that. amer sat in his mother's womb... when i say 'sat', i mean he literally is sitting! and addition to that, he constantly lean on one side of his mother's womb causing my poor sister's skin to stretch the furthest it could. amer never kicked while he was in the womb (perhaps due to his fetal position) so there was never any sort of interaction going on from inside the womb to the outside.

amer was like a mystery to us... so when he came... it was like, 'ahhh, there you are...'

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Sue said...

saya suka pic ni! serious muka dia mcm adam. hehe~ cuteness!