Sunday, 6 July 2008

Fun in the Sun!

my friends back from matrix and i planned to go on a trip to malacca on the 3rd and the 4th of july. two even took a day off to be part of this trip.

a few days before the trip... specifically speaking, on tuesday, i was called up by my lecturers and they said that my client was not convincing enough that i had to redo report. finding a new client for my project wasn't easy and i was also given only two days to fix it.

i had to resubmit on thursday by noon. i was really bummed so i decided to bail out from the trip. luckily my friends were kind enough to postpone it until i submit that noon.

i slept for only two hours that wednesday and four the day before... but hanging out with my crazy friends, i didn't feel at all sleepy. in fact, when we came back from our visits to the guest house at 1230am, i was still the last person to fall asleep.

malacca's beauty was most seen at night where they have gorgeous lighting on the buildings. we went to jonkerstreet and only to be disappointed by extreme absence of the stalls. perhaps it was due to rain or maybe they only open on weekends... anyway, i blame the cashier at kenny rogers for convincing us that it was open.

we went anyway... although the shops was closed but it was still a beautiful sight. the shophouses were really unique in their own way... in terms of architecture detailing and building use.

here are some photos that i like best :)

with my roundup gang at the kancil guesthouse :) our stay was only for a night and we paid rm20 for a double and a triple. it was a very nice place. although the toilet they had was a common toilet like in the dormitories. but it was a very nice place for a short stay.

at jonkerstreet :D

try the atv... it was really cool... except for the part where i get stuck at the slope! that was really embarrassing!

we head to PD on our way back. took summo crazy photos :)

overall, it was a success despite missing bits here and there... like not knowing the perfect place to eat, one of us caught the flu (a monkey flu to be exact), one of us not having the money... can't wait to do it again :)

after this trip, i had a blissful 15hr sleep... i think i have to pray that i don't get any liver failure soon.

well... let's all hope for a better tomorrow, shall we?

*sigh... school starts tomorrow and i dread it. i want the vacation to last forever!

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