Sunday, 10 January 2010

When People of The Book Fight...

Christians and Jews are listed as People of the Book in the Quran. Because these religions originated are funneled through One God and through the same prophets. That is why Moses, Jacob, Joseph, David, Noah, Abraham are listed in the respective religions holy books. However, as years passed, the interpretation of God has 'developed'... Jews were a lot more associated with teachings of Moses, Christians with Jesus and Islam with Mohammad (PBUH). but they are basically the same teachings... as they rooted from the same prophets and God.

Religious war took place since the beginning of time and yet till now... somehow religion that brings the idea of peace and harmony has resulted in violence and wars. I don't want to be discussing the reasons... the reasons might not be the issue of spreading the religion but maybe imperialism.

but i do want to discuss the reason why this blog arises. recently, the High Court has agreed to allow the Catholic weekly magazine, the herald to use the word Allah in its articles. However, the question arises from there... Why Allah? are we preaching about the same God?

no, we don't! Allah is the term we use to refer to God in Islam... while Catholics refer to Holy Trinity (where i was told that Catholics believe that God comes in 3 forms) - One God(not Allah), Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ.

we Muslims don't believe that God comes in any representations. He is One... and He is Allah SWT... definitely not the same God that is referred to by Catholics.

The Herald said 'Allah' is used to replace the term 'God' in Malay... however, if the word 'God' is translated into Malay... the word can be as 'Tuhan' where it is more general... by using 'Allah', it will definitely cause confusion... because it is definitely not the same God as the Catholics believe in. hence, there are many Muslims who do not agree when this was commissioned.

And again... religions that should deliver the teachings of patience is a virtue has turned humans against each other. Someone burned a few churches down last week... and then mosques are also being vandalized. To prove what exactly? vandalism and arson can prove nothing... but only to make matters worse than it already is.

what is the point of fighting for your religion but go against your morals and ethics and also going against the teachings and principles of a religion (regardless of Islam or Christian or Judaism)in the first place? I am pretty sure that there are definitely other non-childish, sinless way to be heard...

where are our Muslim lawyers and leaders??!